No more appointments

As of 2014 I do not offer consultations in private practices anymore. I am pursuing my work as researcher and lecturer at university  … more 


Reduced consultations

On 1.1.2013 I reduced my clinical activity and am now also working at the Veterinary Public Health Institute of the University of Berne. Thus I'm consulting only on Mondays in Fribourg  … more 


Teaching animal husbandry and care

Since 2011 I teach for the Swiss animal dealer association in Lausanne. This year I also participate in the training of animal keepers at the professional school EPSIC in Lausanne.  … more 


Radioprogram on animal communication

A subject that annoys, surprises, triggers smiles or disdain, and yet aleviates our daily grind some times. We are talking about animal communication. A radioprogram in French  … more 


Mobile Practice

The new mobile practice allows for interventions in the field as well as in the different practices in Lausanne, Fribourg and Biel/ Bienne  … more 

Schlafender Leopard

The new mobile veterinary practice is on the road

The newest development at Systemic Animal Health is the practice vehicle. Based on an old ambulance, it was modified for veterinary use in the field. It provides a microscope with phase contrast for current parasitology as well as dying smears. A mobile anaesthesia machine for animals lighter than 7 kg and a blow pipe allow for a large spectrum of anaesthesias in the field. The pharmacy is mobile and can be used in the field or in a practice. The infrastructure is completed with the ultrasound machine and a laptop with printer for administration.