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No more appointments

As of 2014 I do not offer consultations in private practices anymore. I am pursuing my work as researcher and lecturer at university … more 


Reduced consultations

On 1.1.2013 I reduced my clinical activity and am now also working at the Veterinary Public Health Institute of the University of Berne. Thus I'm consulting only on Mondays in Fribourg … more 


Teaching animal husbandry and care

Since 2011 I teach for the Swiss animal dealer association in Lausanne. This year I also participate in the training of animal keepers at the professional school EPSIC in Lausanne. … more 


Radioprogram on animal communication

A subject that annoys, surprises, triggers smiles or disdain, and yet aleviates our daily grind some times. We are talking about animal communication. A radioprogram in French … more 


Mobile Practice

The new mobile practice allows for interventions in the field as well as in the different practices in Lausanne, Fribourg and Biel/ Bienne … more